Thank you to everyone - friends, family, professionals - for sharing advice, contacts, kitchen and office space, technical support, design skills and other expertise to get Localboxx going.


Siobhan Jared, Natasha Lynch and Simon Cook at Transport for London

Iqbal Wahhab Roast, The Cinnamon Club

Julian Money and Gavin Lawrence RAP

Hannah Birch and the team at Cactus Kitchens

Sam Brolan, Joe Woodhouse, Femi Karjalainen, Matt Green (photos)

Bob Fox and the team at The Nationwide Caterers Association 

Stuart Smith Southern Cross Packaging

Adrian Izzard Wild Country Organics, Edwin Broad Riverdale Organic Farm for tomatoes

Garry Moen at M. Moen & Sons for being a local food champion

Tom Molnar and GAIL's Artisan Bakery for supporting Localboxx to create local jobs

Ola Usman, Kenny Finni, Victoria Bosede at Lambeth Council

Nicole Pisani, former chef at Nopi and now at Food For Happiness

Stephen Rapoport and the pactcoffee team

Benoît Grogan-Avignon; Jonny Miller; Chris Hartley

Clare Trembath and Izzy Markwick for website design at No Mayo Digital